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We create video for a variety of different clients, however our processes remain the same. We like you to have a clear understanding of what is happening throughout your project and strive to deliver video that works with your budget and is above your expectations.






The first time we meet we'll leave the cameras at the office and find out exactly what you want to achieve.   You may have an idea or message you want to shout from the rooftops and know exactly how your video should look, but if not, we can help you discover your target audience and create a video that will back up your brand.  We are flexible enough to add an extra camera man or sound guy if necessary and skilled enough to shoot as a one man team.  Allowing us to suit a range of budgets and projects.

What's the end product?

We can discuss this at our initial meeting.  We can encode your video for any format you wish. Whether you need a 4K cinema screening or a video optimised for mobile or web, We can deliver. It is handy to know how you will use your video before we start to film as it may effect how we approach your shoot and the equipment we decide to use.

What makes us different?

We have access to lots of equipment and know how to use it well.  We choose the right tools for each job and can often keep costs down by careful planning before we shoot.  We work with you to develop an idea and are always looking for that extra shot to make your video stand out and be noticed.  We don't like tooting our own horn too much but when it comes to video, we know what it takes to be ahead of the curve.  

How much does it cost?

Each project we work on is different and we price each job accordingly.  We believe our prices are fair and will always give you a few options to choose from.  Do you need a professional voice over or do you know someone with a voice that would work well?  Sometimes one person can do more than one thing on a shoot, if we can save you money we will, of course without sacrificing on the quality of the end product.  Our aim is to keep your spending down, your happiness up.

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